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If you thinking or searching for the Best Java Training Center in Gurgaon? Optimism Technology is the one of the most recommended institute for Java and other Training. Trainings are provided by industry experienced software professionals with (significant Overseas) experience of over 15years. Our trainers are enriched with multiple technologies and they are highly working professional. We are providing project based hands on experience in real-time scenarios to our trainees, so they can have hands on experience with real-time scenarios. So our institute has everything to make you good software professional and to be a Best advanced java j2ee training institute in Gurgaon.

We have the best working professionals with years of experience (in India and Abroad) in MNCs such as HCL, Global Logic, SAP, Fidelity, Headstrong, Goldman Sachs, IBM etc. Learning from the working professionals is the only way to understand what actually happens in the real IT companies.
We provide Best Java programming courses and advance coding knowledge to our trainees under the guidance of truly expert professionals not just trainers with theoretical knowledge. Unlike, other institutes, we are more practical and not just focusing on infrastructure and fancy class room.

Our best combination of theory and practical provides comprehensive knowledge to trainers and keep them on top in this competitive area.
We developed the students with real time projects based training. Optimism technology conducts personally interview between professionals and trainees, this helps them to crack interviews and our trainees are placed in many MNC companies also.

Java Training
1. Software Development Life Cycle
2. JAVA/Advance Java
• Introduction to Java / J2SE
• Introduction to JVM (java virtual machine)
• Java key words
• Oops in java
• Packages and interfaces
• Exception handling
• String handling and manipulation
• New features in jdk 8
• Swing/ AWT (thick client)
• MultiThreaded programming (Threads)
• Working of input output
• Networking
• Remote method invocation (RMI)
• Introduction to Reflection
• Advanced java/JEE (J2EE) (Java Enterprise Edition)
• Collection framework and third party library
• Properties, internationalization, localization
• JDBC database programming
• Introduction to JEE (J2EE)
• JEE components
• JEE containers
• Introduction to UML
• Introduction to XML
• Java Servlets
• Java Server Pages (JSP)
• Ajax
• JQuery
• J2EE design pattern
• Java mail
• Packaging and deployment using ant
• Introduction to web services
• Web server/ application server
3. Database/SQL Concepts 
• Basic Fundamentals Database, Tables, rows, and columns
• Primary key, foreign key, referential integrity, and constraints.
• First, Second and Third Normal form design.
• Denormalization
• Joins
• Wildcard operators.
• Union and Union all
• Aggregate, group by and having keyword
• Subqueries and co-related queries.
• Index and performances
• Clustered vs non-clustered
• Triggers, inserted and deleted tables
• Instead of and after triggers.
• Stored procedures and their importance.
• Row_Number, Partition, Rank, and DenseRank
• Pivot and Unpivot
• Cursor
4. Struts
5. Hibernate
6. Spring (DI, AOP, Tx Mgmt, DB)
8. Live projects
9. Basics of Project Management / Scrum
10. Utility tools like eclipse, Cygwin, WinSCP, VPN, SOAP UI
11. Introduction to Code Repository (SVN / GIT)
12. Course certificate
13. Technical panel from industry in different domains (From USA/UK/Australia)
14. 100% Job Assistance