Custom App/Software Development

Best Software Development Training Courses

We at Optimism Technology have proven experiences to develop Best Software development training courses and maintain all types of customer requirements in SAAS, Mobile App, Thick client, Thin clients or any other complex application.

When do you need a Custom Software?

There are lots of reasons when you may need custom software, like:

  • Major changes in government policies.
  • Adding a new line of business in your current portfolio.
  • Existing software is not scalable as per your business growth.
  • Flaws and bugs in existing software.
  • Automating your existing manual processes.

And so on…

Whatever is the reason, we at Optimism Technology, do deep research and analysis of your custom requirements and based on that our team prepares a detailed plan.

Custom Application Development Models

An application development methodology is a framework that is used to structure, plan and control the process of developing an information system.
We study client’s complete requirement, their deadlines, costing and any dependency on other business process before adopting any system development methodologies or models as listed below:

  • Agile Software development methodology
  • Scrum Methodology
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Iterative Model (RUP)
  • Prototyping Model
  • Waterfall Model

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