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Learn the core and advance Dot Net (.Net) development courses from working professionals having over 15 years of experience.

Today web development technology is in boom and Asp.Net is one of most preferred languages for web development. Dot Net as a platform, allows a developer to make suitable applications with inter portability, cross platforms, within a short time frame. Optimism technology is <strong>Best Asp.Net training company in Gurgaon<strong>.

We have the best working professionals from India’s Top Software companies to guide and train you as per the software industry requirements with the help of real-time projects. Optimism technology’s experts concentrate and solve problems with real-time dot net practical examples, so this is <strong>Best Dot Net training company </strong> for anyone who is from the technical and non-technical background with basic computer knowledge.

Any beginner, who wants to start their career in Dot Net technology and enrich himself with Dot Net development skills, our special design programs enables or develop the trainees for actual application development in the software industry.

Optimism technology conducts personally interview between professionals and trainees, this helps them to crack interviews and good thing is that our trainees are placed in many MNC companies also.

DotNet Training

1. Software Development Life Cycle
2. SQL Server
• • Basic Fundamentals Database, Tables, rows and columns
• Primary key, foreign key, referential integrity and constraints.
• First, Second and Third Normal form design.
• Denormalization
• Joins
• Wild card operators.
• Union and Union all
• Aggregate , group by and having keyword
• Sub queries and co-related queries.
• Index and performances
• Clustered vs non-clustered
• Triggers , inserted and deleted tables
• Instead of and after triggers.
• Stored procedures and their importance.
• Row_Number, Partition, Rank and DenseRank
• Pivot and Unpivot
• Cursor

3. Microsoft.Net 2015 
• • Understanding of .Net Framework
• .Net Framework Architecture
• Use of Namespace and Class Library
• CLR Architecture
• Common Language Specification
• Common Type Specification
• Garbage Collection
• Assembly DLL & EXE
• Types of Assembly (Private and Public Assembly)
• Create a Simple .Net application.

4. Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS)
• OOPS Basics
• Class and Objects
• Constructors
• Access Modifiers
• OOPS Principles
o Encapsulation
o Abstraction
o Inheritance
o Polymorphism and Types of Polymorphism
• Abstract Classes and Abstract Methods
• Interfaces

5. C# Language Fundamentals
• C# Basics
• C# fundamentals, For loop, data types, Error handling, classes/objects, Methods and functions.
• Synch, Asynch, Delegates, Multicast Delegates and Events.
• Simple File Search Project.
• Customer Project (2 layers and validations).
• Inserting customer data using ADO.NET.
• Display, Update and Delete.
• Reusability and Configuration.
• Using SQL script files.
• Implementing the Product master table.
• Implementing Stored Procedures.
• In-memory inserts and update.
• In-memory Deletes & understanding Usability.
• Variables, Constants and Operators
• Arrays
• Strings
• Structure
• Enums
• Regular Expressions
• Exception Handling
• Reflections
• Properties
• Indexers
• Collections
• Generic
• Multithreading

• ASP.NET Framework
• ASP.NET Life Cycle
• Event Handling
• Client Side and Server Side
• HTML and Server Controls
• Directives
• Managing State
• Validators
• Database Access
• Multi Views
• Panel Controls
• Customs Controls
• Ajax Controls
• Data Sources
• Data Binding
• Error Handling and Debugging
• Security
• Data Caching
• Configuration
• Deployment

• What is Dataset & Data Adapter in ADO.NET?
• What is ADO.NET Connection Pooling?
• What is ADO.NET, Connection, Command & Data Reader objects?

• Why MVC and MVC vs Webforms
• What is Model, View and Controler
• MVC Routing
• ViewData, ViewBag, TempData & Session Variables
• View and Model
• Data Annotations and HTML Helper Classes
• Action Result and View Result
• How to implement AJAX using JSON and jQuery using MVC
• How to deploy MVC application in IIS
• Window and Form Authentication
• Exception Handling in MVC
• Update and Delete using MVC
• Unit testing of MVC project
• Razor
• MVC 6/ ASP.NET Core

• What is LINQ
• Example of LINQ to SQL
• How can we define relationships using LINQ to SQL?
• How can we optimize LINQ relationships queries using ‘DataLoadOptions’?
• Can we see a simple example of how we can do CRUD using LINQ to SQL
• How can we call a stored procedure using LINQ?
• Source Code for LINQ.

10. Entity Framework
• What is Entity Framework
• What is EDMX, Context, and Models in EF
• How to read, insert, update and delete data using EF (Entity Framework)
• How to insert custom business validation in Entity classes

11. Project – Live Project Training
12. Technical panel from industry in different domains (From USA/UK/Australia)
13. 100% Job Assistance