Application Development

Application Development

We at Optimism Technology are specialist in Application development with years of industry experience across regions and domains. Optimism Technology works as a part of client’s engineering team. With a combination of onsite consulting to define product road-maps and offshore consulting to develop software, we help our client in launching superior products ahead of their competitors by providing ‘on demand’ technical expertise.

Optimism Technology Application development services offer a full range of services for new software development as well as customizing existing software products. We follow the below guidelines to provide better services to our clients:

Understanding System (Requirements Analysis):

During this phase, we first study client’s business requirements. Then a detailed definition of the system along with system processes and dependencies is made. Key technology decisions are made in conjunction with the estimates and delivery schedules.


High level Plan:

 We analyze client’s needs from a software engineering and technology perspective. Keeping the time frames and strategic business needs in mind, we develop a complete engineering plan for you that take care of your immediate and future requirements.


Prototyping the System:

Ambiguous and unclear portions of the system are iteratively prototyped during this phase and decisions are made through client interaction. A responsive wireframe and interactive UIs are shown to the client to address uncertain portions.


Software Design & Architecture:

During this phase, the system and technology architecture for the product is developed. A high-level design of the system is made taking all the above ‘discoveries’ and ‘definitions’ into account. We also address the high-level needs of scalability, reliability, automated testing and ease of maintenance in this phase.


Implementation, Testing & Deployment:

Coding of the system is done based on customer-approved milestones and deliverables. The actual realization of the system happens during this phase. Automated test cases are written to test your system without any manual intervention and report any issues well in advance. A completely tested and approved system is then deployed.


Maintenance & Support:

Once deployed, we have a dedicated team to provide maintenance and support.


Our team is flexible enough to make changes in the software development lifecycle as per client’s requirements and agreement.


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Technology Platforms

Cross Platform (Thick and Thin clients):

Technologies: Java, J2EE (JEE), Spring, Hibernate, Servlets, JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, Mockito, Fitnesse, Rabbit MQ, Struts 1, Struts2, JSF, Spring MVC, EJB, RMI. AWT, Swings, MS SQL Server, Oracle RDBMS, Sybase, Postgres, Weblogic, Tomcat, C#, ASP.Net, Visual Basic.

Microsoft Technologies (MVC, WCF, Web services, ASP.Net with C#, ADO.Net) SQL Server 2005 & 2008 and Oracle database, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and 2013.

Tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, JBuilder, Subversion, Cygwin, WinSCP, JIRA, CFS, GIT, Ant, Maven, Hudson, VPN Clients, Http Watch, Cobertura, Your Kit, Jprobe JProfiler etc


iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Tools: Xcode
Technologies: iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch
Languages: Objective-C



Tools: Eclipse
Technologies: Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit (NDK), Android DT (ADT)
Languages: Java, C/C++, XML


Windows Phone

Tools: MS Visual Studio
Technologies: .NET Compact Framework, Silverlight
Languages: XAML, C#, ASP.Net, Visual Basic


Vertical Expertise:

  • Enterprise Software Solutions for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile
  • Social Utility and Productivity Apps
  • Gaming Apps
  • Banking and Financial Solutions
  • Geo Location Application Development
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Entertainment and Multimedia Application Development Solutions
  • Healthcare App Development Solutions


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